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Organizational style - IIOSS consulting tool

Scan your management team - the driving force of your company - make your company healthier and better than the competition.


What adjustments need to be done in your company ?
Which people could be the part of closest ideal team ?
On which activities do you spend too much energy ?

This is only a small part of what IIOSS consulting tool offers.

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IIOSS consulting tool defines organizational style of each manager separately.

Managers need to fill in an online questionnaire (120 questions) and based on the responses IIOSS consulting tool defines personal style of each manager of your team.

You will receive it in the form of a report, within 48 hours, and it will include detailed characteristics of your personal style, with recommendations for improvement that we will present and analyze together with you.


Organizational style represents the sum of personal style and environmental influences

Personal style

We measure four personality key factors on a scale of 0 to 100 degrees.

We will present in detail the characteristics of each key factor and make recommendations for improving the personal style.

Beside key factors we will define (confirm) leadership skill of each manager.

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Organizational influence

Each organization has their own written and unwritten rules, formal and informal structure, characteristics, habits and values that they nourish.

The organization affects more or less the behavior of each manager.

We will help you harmonize these key factors in terms of improving your business operations.

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Allow me to present you how IIOSS consulting tool works and which concrete benefits your company will have by using this tool.

I will present you this tool on the premises of your company in 60 minutes and answer all your questions.

We will present you detailed scan reports and give you recommendations for improving your business activities.


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